The most important thing that a newly engaged couple must do, before embarking on their wedding plans, is to set a budget.

This is a basic sample budget. Feel free to use it as a guideline, but donít forget to ask yourself these very important questions:

  1. Will our budget need to include the cost of our wedding rings, sizing and engraving?
  2. Will our budget need to include the cost of our honeymoon?
  3. Will the groomís family be paying for the rehearsal dinner separately, or do we need to budget for it?
  4. Will we be providing hotel and transportation for the wedding party and our immediate family?

  5. The budget listed here is based on $25,000 total funds and it assumes that the answers to questions 1, 2 & 3 is NO, and because it is based on a Destination Wedding, it assumes that the couple will be paying for hotels and transportation for the wedding party as well as the immediate family. Once you have determined your answers, feel free to modify this sample budget to suit your needs. It is only meant to be a starting point.

    ITEM % Amount
    Ceremony (including ceremony music)5% $1,250.00
    Reception35% $8,750.00
    Music (reception only)6% $1,500.00
    Photography/Videography7% $1,750.00
    Flowers (ceremony & reception)6% $1,500.00
    Stationary (Invitations, programs & thank you notes)5% $1,250.00
    Decorations & Favors5% $1,250.00
    Clothing (Bride & Groom)9% $2,250.00
    Wedding Day Transportation2% $500.00
    Hotels & Transportation5% $1,250.00
    Gifts for the wedding party 2% $500.00
    Misc (toasting glasses, guest book & pen, unity candles,
    †††† cake knife & server set, candelabra, etc)
    3% $750.00
    Certified Wedding Specialist fee (complete service)10% $2,500.00


    100% $25,000.00

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