Weddings Beautiful Worldwide -- Las Vegas, NV. February 26 & 27, 2001

Carmen T. Blandino, one of two partners in Princess and Lords, has been recognized as an authority on Hispanic/Latino Weddings and Quinceaneras by Weddings Beautiful Worldwide. She was a guest speaker at the WBW 50th anniversary seminar in Las Vegas, which was held on February 26th & 27th at The Orleans Hotel.

Her two-hour presentation was overwhelming, educational, informative and quite entertaining. Mrs. Blandino spoke about the "old world" traditions from Mexico regarding quinceañeras, courtship, engagements, and weddings, their meanings and how they were practiced. Then she compared them to the traditions that are practiced today. She also explained traditions that have not been practiced in modern times but are slowly being re-introduced into the cultural events. Mrs. Blandino went into great detail about the steps needed, to carry out each type of ceremony, as well as their importance, and variations that are acceptable.

She further demonstrated traditional forms of dress and accessories by bringing complete wedding and quinceañera ensembles, which were elegantly displayed at the seminar. These included traditional invitations, tiaras, veils, pillows, arras, lazos, candles, bibles, rosaries, favors, and collector dolls. The most beautiful items were a traditional, flamenco style wedding gown, made entirely of lace and satin, with a matching accessory set made from wax, silk flowers and dried/pressed flowers which included the bride's headpiece, the groom's boutonnière, the lazo, the flower girls headpiece and the ring bearers boutonnière.

Mrs. Blandino also described the most common superstitions regarding quinceañeras and weddings, and explained their origins and why they came about.

The entire seminar was educational and fantastic and all the wedding professionals present would agree that the eloquent panel of guest speakers was incomparable and delightful.